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South Park’s take on ex-gay camps


The March 14 episode of South Park exposed the real truth behind the ex-gay camps.  It all started when Cartman stupidly gives head to Butters (thinking it’s a prank) and took a picture.  Kyle, Stan and Kenny told Cartman that his little stunt is “gay” and cynically suggested that Butters give head to Cartman (so that Butters can be embarrassed by Cartman).  Then, when Cartman blindfolds Butters and drops trow, Butters’ dad barged in and was shocked by this little think.  Butters’ dad says that his son is “bi-curious”.  After a conversation with Priest Maxi, the priest suggests that Mr. Stotch send his son to an ex-gay camp.  Once there, Butters has an orientation at the camp and saw the first candidate for an “accountabili-buddy” dead on a noose as an act of suicide.  Butters (not knowing what is really going on) is introduced to another “accountabili-buddy”.  The roommate is babbling verses from the bible because he was indoctrinated by those who run the camp.  Later in the episode, he contemplates suicide until Butters somehow coaxed him into not doing it.

Also, there is this “ex-gay” preacher who is still flamboyantly (and stereotypically) gay.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone were partially inspired by the scandal that recently rocked their home state: the Ted Haggard scandal.  The head of the camp is an eerie resemblance to Haggard. 

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