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Some quick hits:

Senator Leahy says Rove is subpeona baitUPDATE:  I realize the Senate Judiciary Committee likes to follow certain procedures and methods, and Rove is still, to riff off a phrase, a "person of interest" to the Committee, but then again, let's not get cold feet, Senator Leahy.  Don't wait too long.

Sidney Blumenthal has a super discussion of how Rove is clearly at the black heart of the plan to politicize DOJ.  Here's his conclusion (emphasis added):

If the Democrats hadn't won the midterm elections last year there is no reason to believe that the plan to use the U.S. attorneys for political prosecutions — as they have been used systematically under Bush — wouldn't have gone forward completely unimpeded. Without the new Congress issuing subpoenas, there would be no exposure, no hearings, no press conferences — no questions at all.

The replacement of the eight fired U.S. attorneys through a loophole in the Patriot Act that enables the administration to evade consultation with and confirmation by Congress is a convenient element in the well-laid scheme. But it was not ad hoc, erratic or aberrant. Rather, it was the logical outcome of a long effort to distort the constitutional framework for partisan consolidation of power into a de facto one-party state.

This effort began two generations ago with Richard Nixon's drive to forge an imperial presidency, using extralegal powers of government to aggrandize unaccountable power in the executive and destroy political opposition. Nixon was thwarted in the Watergate scandal. We will never know his full malevolent intentions, but we do know that in the aftermath of the 1972 election he wanted to remake the executive branch to create what the Bush administration now calls a "unitary executive." Nixon later explained his core doctrine: "When the president does it, that means it's not illegal." Karl Rove is the rightful heir to Nixonian politics. His first notice in politics occurred as a witness before the Senate Watergate Committee. From Nixon to Bush, Rove is the single continuous character involved in the tactics and strategy of political subterfuge.

The ComPost reports on, and Atrios picks up on, some details of the Abu Gonzales operation to cover up the Republican putsch of DOJ. 

Jonathan Singer at MyDD sniffs out the stench of the search for sacrificial lambs by the administration to insulate Bush and Rove from public accountability.  You can smell it yourself over in the ComPost article.

David Broder does some more GOP fluffing cheerleading.  I admire consistency, but oh, how that jaw must ache!

Shorter unnamed administration officials on progress in Iraq:  we're full of shit.  Well, duh. 

If you pray, pray for Steve Gilliard.  While you're on the line, add a note for Jane's continued recovery.  She begins post-operative, precautionary chemo today.  Surgery was successful, but this is just completing the treatment process.

Rahm Emanuel is strong arming Democratic freshman in the House to dial for dollars, hew to the right "center" and stay off Colbert's show.   Good thing he's not DCCC Chair anymore and the new Chair, Chris Van Hollen, is a strong, progressive voice and influence for real democracy over corrupt insider political money machines.  As a result, the freshman don't really need to listen to Rahm anymore:  Van Hollen is calling the reelection strategy shots.  Oh, wait, I'm getting an update in my earpiece. . .  Um, yeah.  Ah, scratch that last bit.

UPDATE: Stoller has a must read reflecting on the state of the Democratic Party on ending the occupation in Iraq, related to my post this morning on Senator Clinton.  Shorter Stoller:  Clinton's not alone, and we have a lot more work to do.  

UPDATE II:  Murray Wass reports that Gonzales knew he would be a target in an investigation into wireless wiretapping Bush successfully shut down.

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