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Haul His Ass In, Too

Hey, Chuck Schumer, let's not close out the invitation list to the Judiciary Committee oversight of the US Attorneys bloodbath just yet.  From your hometown paper the ComPost :

President Bush today defended Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales' firing of eight U.S. attorneys last year but said "mistakes were made" in how Justice Department officials explained the dismissals to Congress.

"What Al did . . . and what the Justice Department did was appropriate," Bush said at a news conference in Mérida, Mexico, where his six-day Latin American tour ended today. "U.S. attorneys serve at the pleasure of the president. In other words, they're appointed by the president. They can be removed by the president. What was mishandled was the explanation of the case — the cases — to the Congress."

Bush said he has confidence in Gonzales.

Some congressional Democrats have been calling for Gonzales' resignation since the Justice Department released e-mails and other documents yesterday showing that, despite months of administration statements to the contrary, the eight prosecutors were fired after being rated for their political loyality.

Bush, standing alongside Mexican President Felipe Calderón, said politics played no role in the firings.

"I've heard those allegations about, you know, political decision-making," Bush said. "It's not true."

Look who just made himself a "fact witness."  Let's ask Geedubya:  how do you know it's not true, sport?  Raise your right hand, there, Sparky.

Note to Congress:  we're headed for Fred Hiatt's long dreaded "Constitutional crisis" anyway, so let's just get there while playing offense, shall we?  We could use a little less finger wagging and a little more. . .


. . . middle finger.

Hey, he started it. 

UPDATE:  John Amato has even more transcripted video of Bush making statements on this.  Check it out.  Oh yeah:  he's a witness.  Get him under oath.

UPDATE II:  Via TPMmuckracker, Schumer sends Bush a letter asking some questions.  That's a nice start.  Let's roll!  Git'r done!  Heh.

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