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Victories for Princess Barbie Talibania

I am on the mailing list of my favorite orange-skinned virginal warrior for Christ, Princess Barbie Talibania.  I’ve documented her work for some time now here on The Blend — her pro-life government-enforced procreation stance, her work to display the Ten Commandments graven images in public spaces with taxpayer money, her fight to save Terri Schaivo force-feed a brain-dead flesh muppet against its stated wishes, her battle to prevent condoms from being distributed to 2002 Olympic athletes in Salt Lake City, her quest to remove The Joy of Gay Sex from my hometown library, her struggle to prevent the performance of The Vagina Monologues at Boise State University, her comparison of sex researcher Alfred Kinsey to Nazi sadist Dr. Josef Mengele, her oblique support of Mel Gibson’s anti-Semitic comments, and her 2006 city council election loss by a 70%-30% margin.

Barbie just sent me a couple of e-mails detailing two successes in her attempts to institute Christian Sharia law in America.Her latest efforts have to do with the so-called “lack of intellectual diversity” among the speakers invited to speak at Boise State University.  You know the drill; the wingnuts complain that universities are notoriously liberal* and only left-wing speakers are invited.

So, under the pressure of being situated in a state that STILL gives a 55% job approval rating to Chimpy W. McFlightsuit, BSU has caved and set up the following system:

At the student meeting yesterday with Boise State University officials, President Kustra and Vice President Michael Laliberte, the decision was made to create a new lecture board controlled exclusively by students. …The organization of the new board will be designed by an ad-hoc committee of three conservatives, three liberals, and the ASBSU President and Vice-President. …Theoretically, if conservatives control the spring semester program, they will have $30,000-$35,000 to spend on speakers of their choosing, while liberals will decide on speakers during the fall semester with an equal amount of funding. This would be intellectual diversity and balance at its finest.

Brandon Stoker
BSU Student

This is a fine example of what can happen when the public speaks up. I am encouraged by President Kustra’s swift action. Thank you to everyone who was passionate about this issue of freedom in the market place of ideas! The sky is the limit on the list of potential speakers we will now be seeing at BSU. Ideas for potential speakers include: Laura Ingram, Dr. Alveda King (niece of Martin Luther King, Jr.), Ann Coulter, Glen Beck, and many others.

Brandi Swindell

I couldn’t help but dash an e-mail response back to the object of my unrequited lust**

Ms. Swindell,

Brandi, congratulations on your fine work.  I am glad conservative speakers will be coming to BSU to call presidential candidates “faggots” (Ann Coulter), demanding that the first Muslim representative to the Congress prove he’s not “the enemy” (Glenn Beck), encouraging listeners to jam voter fraud hotlines during election day (Laura Ingram), and insinuating that all gay people are pedophiles (Alveda King).  Unlike other progressives, I encourage conservatives to appear in public before an uncensored microphone to let their true agenda show through.

Sincerely yours,

“Radical” Russ Belville
Your biggest fan

Her next e-mail concerned the passage from the Idaho House of a bill to offer the opportunity for women seeking abotions to see an untrasound of the fetus:

The “Woman’s Right to View” bill, HB 248 passed through the Idaho House Health & Welfare committee this afternoon. It should hit the House floor for debate next week.

This legislation will require that any woman seeking an abortion be offered the opportunity to view an ultrasound image of her pre-born child prior to having an abortion. The majority of abortion minded pregnant women who see an ultrasound image of their pre-born child decide to carry their baby to term.

Knowledge is power. Women deserve access to an ultrasound image in order to make an informed decision. Members of the abortion industry in Idaho testified against HB 248. I guess ultrasound images and informed women are bad for business

Now, who couldn’t resist responding to that?

Ms. Swindell,

Kudos to your efforts to help passage of HB 248 (“Women’s Right to View”).  As I understand it, the bill will allow women the opportunity to see an ultrasound of their fetus when seeking an abortion.  I had no idea that the State of Idaho was forbidding doctors from showing their patients the images from an ultrasound.  I was as outraged at that situation as you were!  How dare we allow a woman to seek a private medical procedure, to enter into a personal, private, doctor-patient relationship, and then let the doctors get away with refusing to show the woman an image from one of her medical tests?

After all, a woman’s reproductive health is a very serious issue, and we should always allow a woman to ask of her doctor any question and to review the results of any medical test.  I just can’t believe the State of Idaho would intervene between a woman and her doctor like that!

Oh, wait, hold on.  I just did some Googling and discovered there is no such prohibition in Idaho.  A woman (or man, for that matter), has always had the right to view the results of any personal medical test.  Any woman seeking an abortion at any time in Idaho can turn to her doctor and say, “Excuse me, may I see my ultrasound?”  Not surprisingly, many women undergoing this emotionally traumatic decision choose not to see the ultrasound.  Hmm.  I guess I’m confused.  What exactly do the words “offered an opportunity” mean in the context of the law?  Could that mean the doctor is required to put the ultrasound on the viewing screen and say, “Hey, if you wanna see your fetus, it’s right up there on the screen”?  What, then, about the women who didn’t want to see it?  Are you asking the State of Idaho to force them to see it?

On another note, I am glad to see that you believe that women deserve to make informed decisions about their reproductive health.  That’s why I’m sure you’ll be supporting efforts to increase sex education for our young girls, including birth control and family planning, After all, knowledge is power.

Sincerely yours,

“Radical” Russ Belville
Your biggest fan

* Funny what education does to people, huh?  How come these same people never complain that the military is overwhelmingly conservative?

** Please forgive me.  The big head despises Barbie Talibania, but the little head has a fetish for sexually-repressed blonde virgins with Daddy issues.

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