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The 'sexualization' of the schools by the Homosexual Agenda

Here we go again…apparently TEH GAY is catching, and the Homosexual Agenda — and its allies — are  spreading perversion in the schools, according to Madeline Crabb of Renew America. As proof she cites:
* the growing number of Gay-Straight Alliance clubs in schools
* anti-bullying laws that protect LGBTQ youth
* a supposed “growing number” of LGBTQ students.

This is insane:

In America there are powers that are hell bent on sexualizing our kids at very early ages, and in perverse ways. The main place this sexualization is happening is in the schools.

…Doesn’t it seem a little odd there are so many issues to grapple with when homosexuals constitute only three percent of the population? Since when is it so vitally important to teach about something that is practiced by so few people? And doesn’t the teaching of homosexuality create an atmosphere of curiosity causing a supposed growing number of GLBTQ students? Don’t we understand that this is the plan? Indoctrinate the children, as early as kindergarten. By the time they are in high school they will be totally accepting of this so-called alternative lifestyle, but it won’t any longer be considered alternative – it will be called normal. This is what is happening in a city or town near you.

…What can we do? First of all we need to pray like we’ve never prayed before. Then we need to find sound and sane people to run for school boards across this land. We need to take back the schools, if it isn’t already too late. Parents must be active in this battle. We can’t get so busy making a living that our children get hurt in the process. And what they are being taught about sex, particularly homosexuality, is not acceptable. Promotion of homosexuality is promotion of public-health-hazard-level-behavior (anal sex and other aberrant things), and is absolutely absurd.

She’s not through yet, see her rail about “heating up” of the TG agenda after the flip.But wait, the TG menace comes to the fore:

Sadly, an increasing number of people are succumbing to the battle. They are tired and just want the whole subject of homosexuality to go away. But it won’t go away. Brian Camenker of Mass Resistance says that the whole transgender issue is now heating up across the land. Every perversity is going to be rammed down our proverbial throats – and into our children’s minds and hearts. We will be made to believe that people are born with all their sexual perversions and that we must accommodate them. Again, the indoctrination begins in the schools. Our kids are either being taught how to be sexually active, or that they are GLBTQ. None of this should be taught in schools, particularly when growing numbers of kids can’t effectively read or write upon graduation. Hmmm. America, isn’t now the time to act? To anyone willing to hear….

I guess the oral and bumsex isn’t occurring among straight, Christian teens, according to Crabb. Oh wait, she’s wrong, and it has nothing to do with gay folks or sex ed (or praying, for that matter).

In examining the 1994 medical records of 2,598, 12- to 25-year olds and the 2004 medical records of 6,438 similarly aged subjects attending STD clinics in Baltimore, Dr. Erbelding and colleagues found that the prevalence of self-reported oral sex in the previous 90 days doubled among males (from 16% to 32%) and more than doubled among females (from 14% to 38%) over the 10-year period.

“We also saw an increase in young women in rectal sex but it was a lot less common than oral sex,” Dr. Erbelding said. Among young women, the prevalence of self-reported anal sex over the period rose from 3% to 5.5%.

And if Crabb thinks that not talking about sex, or even worse, virginity pledges, will stop the “sexualization”  of young students, or halt the spread of STDs, she better read on.

The WaPo also reported in March of last year that virginity pledges touted by head-in-the-sand organizations like True Love Waits and the Silver Ring Thing are doing nothing to stop STDs either.  Among the 20 percent of kids that took a virginity pledge, 61 percent of the consistent pledgers and 79 percent of the inconsistent pledgers reported having intercourse before marrying or prior to 2002 interviews. Almost 7 percent of the students who did not make a pledge were diagnosed with an STD, compared with 6.4 percent of the “inconsistent pledgers” and 4.6 percent of the “consistent pledgers.”

Queerty takes on Crabb’s “inimitably inflammatory and irrational style.”

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