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Mr. Fitzgerald and the Neocons, Part 3

Every once in a while this story crops up again in the news and makes me smile.  Jury selection is getting underway this week in the Hollinger case, Patrick Fitzgerald's "day job."  The witness list should be a dilly:

[T]he government will trot out a star-studded group of witnesses that could include former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, former Assistant Secretary of Defense Richard Perle and former Illinois Gov. James Thompson. All were directors of Hollinger International at the time of Mr. Black's alleged crimes.

A report prepared by former SEC chairman Richard C. Breeden used the word "kleptocracy" and took special aim at Perle.  WaPo

Press tycoon Conrad M. Black and other top Hollinger International Inc. officials pocketed more than $400 million in company money over seven years and Black's handpicked board of directors passively approved many of the transactions, a company investigation concluded.

A report by a special board committee singled out director Richard N. Perle, a former Defense Department official, who received $5.4 million in bonuses and compensation. The report said Perle should return the money to the Chicago company.

Remember that Perle,  as part of the SEC investigation, had already been given a Wells notice, “a formal warning that the agency’s enforcement staff has determined that evidence of wrongdoing is sufficient to bring a civil lawsuit.”  

Looks like accountability is the new black and every day is Fitzmas.


Update:  Those who prefer their Perle soft and cudly can find it here, courtesy of the new wingnuttified PBS. I know I'm setting my Tivo.

(YouTube courtesy of the fabulous Al Rogers) 

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