More Adventures in Boneheaded Marketing

As has been noted here and elsewhere, The New Republic is getting a facelift and attempting to become semi-relevant again by becoming bigger! glossier! with a “more robust website”!!

So I thought I would check it out and sure enough, the website has a post from “The Editors”:

Great! So what’s cookin’ at TNNR that is going to make me forget that Marty Peretz is still skulking around the halls shaking a cup for the Scooter Defense League?

We’ve done a bit of tinkering with tnr, the new version of which went to press last night. These changes began with a question: What is paper good for? Or, to put it another way, how does the rush of new technology change the old ways of print publishing? Television, radio, and the Internet chew over Topic A at such a clip that any paper journal obviously faces a distinct comparative disadvantage when it comes to discussing the tumult of the week….


And nothing.

Given an opportunity to sell the product and possibly sign up more readers, they instead elected to make their sales pitch a secret and hide it behind The Subscription Wall of Mystery and Imagination.

To quote David Mamet (as so many others have): These guys could fuck up a baked potato.

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