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TN Newspaper Drops Coulter Column

I have been amazed lately with the stand-up attitude of red state community leaders and politicians toward the GLBT community.

Two Wyoming congressmen have stood up for gay rights and now a Tennessee newspaper, out of the ultra-conservative part of east Tennessee, has dropped Ann Coulter because of her derogatory, anti-gay slur.

The Mountain Press editor, Stan Voit, stated very simply:

“However we will not continue to publish the columns of someone who uses people as a punch line to get a cheap laugh and who so freely uses an offensive term to describe another human being.”

The full statement is here:…

While Democrats like Edwards, who couldn’t bring himself to denounce Coulter’s remarks used against him as pure and simple hate speech, and Hillary, who dodges and weaves from admitting she attended an HRC event (because gays are the Democratic Party’s dirty little secret), we have everyday folks like our very own Blender Dr. Jerry Maneker, Stan Voit, and red state Republican congressmen standing up for us.

Mr. Voit is getting a lot of flak for taking out Coulter’s column.  He needs to hear from those he stood up for.  Send this good man and his paper some love from our community:…

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