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Friday Late Nite in the Haus: Sex, Drugs and Rock-n-Roll with ChiDy


Greetings and Salutations, PyroPups! The wonderful folks here at FDL have generously asked me to hostess tonight's revelries, and I am grateful and honored for the opportunity. Troy McClure voice Hello! I'm Chicago Dyke, and you may know me from such posts as Live at AEI! and Good Times are for Hanging…

Tonight I'm all yours, and my good buddy TRex says Fridays at the Lake are all about fun and relaxation, two things my mother will tell you my chronically underemployed ass knows far too much about. cues soft lights So here goes the neighborhood.

Music…what are you all tuning into? This album is one of the greatest live electronica sets you'll ever hear, and I'm listening to it right now. Friday nights in my world rarely start until 10pm, mainly because you'll get molasses to move more quickly than a passel of gay men getting ready for the clubs. I thank the Goddess daily that there are blogs, because at least I can talk with intelligent people while I wait, and cool my desire to strangle a certain Boi who can never decide which undersized tee-shirt looks sluttier. I also burn incense in honor of Al Capone, because without his efforts Chicago's clubs would close as the weenie hour of 2am, instead of 5am on weekends.

Speaking of Chicago, are you going? Last year's Bloggerfest was a real blast, and if you've not yet been to a meatspace gathering of the rabid lambs, you couldn't ask for a better town to do it. I'll be speaking at the religion panel, heh. As the resident Atheist. Eight years in a doctoral program in Divinity School will do that to a grrl.

Speaking of seeing God, let's talk about drugs. Are you a junkie? evil grin That one always gets people riled up. My mother teaches family medicine at a big state medical school, and this is a favorite Sunday phone call discussion topic for us. I'm no teetotaler, and I love a phat blunt as much as the next grrl, but I share her opinion that this country is being hollowed out from the inside, and that Big Pharma deserves a huge chunk of the blame. At the same time, the Other Endless War continues apace, jailing dime-bag pot dealers at a cost of $35,000 a year, and using them as slave labor so the Prison-Industrial Complex can reap even bigger profits. I once had the honor of hearing Professor Angela Davis speak on the subject on MLK day; if you're not familiar with her work, become so.

Speaking of totally hot women, let's talk about sex. I recently bitchslapped the Barebacking Traitor, and I'm going to have a lot more to say here about gay sex in general. But tonight, let's have the fun kind of sex talk. Do you want to please women? Buy this book. I give it to any woman who's recently come out, and men could learn a thing or two from it as well. Fisting is for everyone! Sex is so political these days, and I'm glad. I hear TRex was waxing eloquently on the subject last night, even going as far to wonder over Bush's flaming fairydom. For my part, I think Condi is a great big muffdiving bulldyke. It's those boots, I tell you. You just know she's got some pretty little blonde staffer who licks those babies clean after a long hard day of lying about fake terrorist threats and forgetting to read documents relating to real ones. Condi likes to brag that she's descended from European aristocracy, and my guess is that it was De Sade.

So anyway, it's nice to meet you all. My parties are always know for the dancing, drinking and merriment shared by all (and not a little lesbian pr0n), so c'mon in and tell me what's on your mind tonight. I won't make TRex sorry he invited me over here by making scat jokes about Friday News dumps

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