We will leverage our core competencies to create
a new paradigm that will be outside of the box

Willard-Mitt is firming up his online presence by bringing on some putative big internets hitters, and none is more worthy of empty corporate buzzwords that marketing people use when furiously blowing smoke up someone’s ass than Mindy Finn:

Why is Finn’s job so important? For starters, she brings experience to a campaign that is only scratching the surface on the web. Stephen Smith was hired to handle blog strategy and website management, but working together they can take it to the next level. (Smith, by the way, will still handle outreach to bloggers.)

What can Romney supporters expect? Plan to see a holistic approach that includes more synergy to the campaign’s online message, money-raising and mobilization efforts.

Finn comes hot off of Rick Santorum’s latest campaign, and we know how that turned out.

Stephen Smith, on the other hand, was behind the Blogging for Bolton website which (with the help of big name rightwing blogs) managed to scare up a total of 3304 phone calls spread out amongst all of the Democratic senators starting back in September of last last year, and we know how that turned out.
Actually, that picture had nothing to do with John Bolton. I just like using it….

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