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Should I Worry?

.  We got mentioned (by name) on Fox News, and nobody used the word "terrorists."  Okay it was James Boyce and he definitely does a good job.  But what's up with Fox letting real liberals on the network?  Must be some last-ditch effort to put one over on the Carson City Democratic Committee.  Bastards.

.  Shorter Tom Maguire — "Why can't Patrick Fitzgerald be more like Ken Starr?"  I know wingnuttia is growing nostalgic for the days of blabbermouth prosecutors and the tight-lipped Fitzgerald drives them apeshit, but that is the law.  Only thing that sends them into orbit faster is the reminder that Joe Wilson was, in fact, right.  The next one who accuses him of lying better produce some friggin' uranium pronto, know what I mean? 

. Regarding press coverage of the Libby verdict,  Dan Froomkin does a rundown and curiously notes that "[o]utside the Beltway, views are a little less contrarian."  Go on, pick yourself up off the floor, the shock will wear off eventually….

.  Speaking of the Washington Post, TBogg points us to Barbara Comstock's most recent handy work, a collection of quotes on Scooter-As-Victim from "obscure publications, cable access shows, and D-list celebrities like President George Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, National Review, Fox, The Weekly Standard, Slate, MSNBC, the Washington Post (again), the Wall Street Journal (again), Cal Thomas, Ted Olson, Paul Wolfowitz, Mary Matalin, Bill Kristol, Fred Barnes, and the Wall Street Journal (again again)"  Entitled, with appropriate victimology "What You're Not Hearing about Scooter Libby," one publication should be embarassed to be on such a list, but sadly they're not (thus earning the sobriquet from TRex of "The ComPost.")  FWIW, I think Froomkin needs a raise.

.  For those still too confused by the whole damn thing, Steven Colbert explains it all for you.

.  Note to jurors:  we appreciate that you're a compassionate bunch, but please stop running around saying it's okay if Scooter gets pardoned.  See the idea is that prosecutors who can't crack the big fish (i.e., Bush and Cheney) need convictions against the littler fish in order to flip them and get the evidence they need.  They probably did not mention that in the midst of the trial but it is nonetheless true, and your comments serve the interests of those who hope to escape responsibility if Scooter never talks, which is what will happen if he gets pardoned.  Got it?  If you didn't think he deserved to go to jail, you shouldn't have voted "guilty."  That is, you know, what's supposed to happen at the end of it all.

(video thanks to Scarce, who also put this lovely post up at DailyKos, muchas gracias) 

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