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Largo, FL city manager Stanton fighting to keep job

“I’m realistic enough to know its going to require an extraordinary step to stop the train going down track with a certain degree of speed and to confront some of the folks back in the commission chambers who will be talking about what Jesus what do.”
Steve Stanton, on the decision to ask for a hearing.

This is great. I want to see Largo hung out to try in the public eye for this. (Orlando Sentinel):

A city manager facing dismissal after going public with plans to pursue a sex-change operation said Thursday he plans to fight to keep his job.

A courier delivered Steve Stanton’s appeal Thursday to Largo city officials. The City Commission that voted 5-2 last week to begin the process of firing him must now hold another public hearing so he can make a final appeal to keep the job he has held for 14 years.

“I want to get my job back,” Stanton said. “I’m good at it. I miss it. I miss my friends and I miss this community.”

Commissioner Mary Gray Black said Stanton’s surprise announcement two weeks ago “caused stress, turmoil, distraction and work disruption‘” in the city. His contract says he can be fired without cause at any time.

Stanton is currently receiving help from the National Center for Lesbian Rights; the National Center for Transgender Equality and the ACLU have also stepped up and offered assistance.

See comments from the Sentinel’s readers after the flip.From the comments over at the Orlando Sentinel:

What a bunch of narrow minded, ostrich like people. Whats the big deal? Man or woman, sex change or not…Performance should be the criteria…

oh goodness, I thought we got rid of this weirdo!

too bad doing your job well is not enough in a society obsessed with other people’s differences…

Another big one for Florida to eat up our taxes dollars.

Do you all have something better to do with your time rather then this. Black needs to go. All she does instigate shti. The young man has a flawless record and has managed this city for 14 years even earned an increase. Just because he wants to make himself happy, is not a reason to fire him. Evidentally he has the mind set of a woman, because only a woman can put up with some bullshti such as this. What is Mary Black afraid of? Do she think he will look better then her or take her man(if she has one)? GET A LIFE MARY. Give him his job back, he has done nothing wrong. You need to be focused on the city and its’ issues.

This is yet another example of why people all over the country called this state Flori-duh.

I look forward to seeing the new transgender-friendly town of Stantonville, that will be founded with the money Steve wins from the city of Largo.

It appears the city commission had no issues with Mr Stanton’s performance. What they have an issue with, and disapprove, is his sexuality. The fact that they can fire him for something unrelated to job performance should be illegal. Whereas Mr Stanton is taking the actions necessary for his quality of life, the city commission obviously has issues of its own that are not being addressed. I say, fire the commission.

It should not matter on the gender of person if that person is capable of doing the job. He is not changing his mind or brain, just his sex.


Thousands of American military men and women are giving up their lives to protect the freedoms we have in the USA, but, um, I guess that doesnt include this City manager?? Ms. Black is in insult to those men and women who have dies defebding our rights! Leave the city manager alone, let him deal with his personal issues with his family and let him get back to the good job he has been doing for 14 years! Ms. Black and her cronies should be ashamed of themselves and thrown out of public office.

Ever hear “There but by the grace of God goes I”???

There is no reason for this person to lose their job becasue they are undergoing a sex change. What if they were having a nose job? What if they lost a limb and had a prosthetic device instead? Good grief – there are other things to worry about. Let him become a “her” and carry on with business.

Get rid of him. His contract says he can be fired for any reasons. That is a legal reason that connot be fought. I don’t care if he wants to turn into a goat. Too much distraction.

Hat tip, Kevinbgoode.

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