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Anti-gay minister 'pastoring to police' for oral sex acquitted

Remember the former pastor of South Tulsa Baptist Church, Lonnie Latham? He spoke out against marriage equality and urged the Southern Baptist Convention to tell gays and lesbians to turn away from their ‘sinful, destructive lifestyle.’

Of course we all know what happens next — the homophobe gets caught looking for same-sex action.

He was busted at a notorious pick-up area in Oklahoma City. for asking an undercover officer to join him in a hotel room for a BJ (he said “I was set up. I was in the area pastoring to police“). His lawyer cited Lawrence v. Texas as a defense (because it was private consensual sex, as opposed to prostitution). He has been acquitted. (365gay):

Latham, 61, was arrested Jan. 3, 2006, outside a hotel in Oklahoma City. Police had accused Latham of asking the undercover officer for oral sex, which Latham denied.

Latham’s attorney, Mack Martin, argued during the trial that it is not illegal for consenting adults to engage in private homosexual acts, so a request to participate in such an act is not illegal.

District Attorney David Prater said the state has a legitimate interest in regulating such requests.

“In no way are we wanting to get involved in people’s personal lives and sex lives outside of commercial prostitution,” Prater said.

The man’s a hypocrite, but this was the right call.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding