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No wind in the sails of the fundies in Raleigh yesterday

WUNC reporter Laura Leslie reported on the marriage rally by the Call2Action and Return America folks, who showed up on the mall in Raleigh to demonize the homos, as they did last year. The Capitol police estimated about 5,000 showed up (the organizers claimed 12K).

Laura had this to say on the Reporter’s Blog: Isaac Hunter’s Tavern at WUNC:

It was an immaculately executed event – complete with a string quartet, pre-printed signs, a large-scale sound system, even a row of port-a-potties in front of the Education building.  A dozen Republican lawmakers made appearances, talking about the churches they go to and blessing the crowd for showing up.

…National and state polling shows dwindling concern about protecting traditional marriage. There’s no imminent election to mobilize voters for.  There’s no challenge in the courts to the state’s existing “defense of marriage” law. And there’s no indication that either House Speaker Joe Hackney or Senate Pro Tem Marc Basnight are rethinking their opposition to a constitutional amendment on it. So why bus in six thousand youth group members and evangelicals for no discernible cause and no plausible effect?

The most obvious answer is that Senator Fred Smith is running for governor, and this may well have been his unofficial campaign kickoff.  He was in top form on the podium, where he took most of the credit for an amendment that Senator Jim Forrester’s been running for years.

From Smith’s speech, you’d have thought it was his battle from the beginning – like this quote, where Smith compares his fight against gay marriage to abolitionist William Wilberforce’s battle against slavery. It was one of those rhetorical moments that makes your head spin. But the audience loved it.

Will it make any difference? Not in the legislature, where neither Hackney nor Basnight intends to bring the marriage amendment up for a vote.  But it could give Smith a leg up with conservative GOP donors.

Fred Smith (who represents Johnston and Wayne counties) is a right wing freak show who is fixated on discriminating against gays.  Read more wingnuttery after the jump.

I understand that there is a debate within society about this issue, but there should be no debate about giving North Carolina voters the right to consider this issue. Every other southern state has had the chance to vote on a Marriage Protection Amendment. Why should the people of North Carolina be denied this opportunity?

Because civil rights of a minority should never be put to a popular vote, that’s why.

I listened to the WUNC report and I suggest you take it in — I have to preface this by saying that all Southerners are not as ignorant as the woman you’re going to hear in this interview, who goes on and on about how “gay marriage” is an abomination and the bible tells her so. “That’s not my opinion, that’s what God says.”

Never mind that civil marriage has nothing to do with the bible (and we don’t live in a theocracy), but hey, that’s a technicality to these protestors. Besides, if they are so worried about marriage, they should submit a bill banning divorce, with jail time for adultery — after all, homosexuality isn’t mentioned in the Ten Commandments, adultery is.

You can see pictures from yesterday’s rally in Greg’s diary.


Also, the New Jersey wingers, apparently worried that civil unions will give way to full marriage equality via the courts, want a marriage amendment (agreeing with Fred Smith that the people should vote on civil rights matters):

Assemblyman Michael Doherty (R) believes the court could agree and order full marriage for gays in the state. Doherty wants an amendment to prevent that from happening.

“This is not going to be resolved in the minds of eight and a half million people until they have an opportunity to vote,” he said.

…”This is going nowhere,” said Steve Goldstein of Garden State Equality. “If anything, the movement is in the opposite direction.”

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