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Maine bigots: domestic partnerships promote 'civilization-destroying sexual perversions'

The state of Maine has a domestic partnership law on the books, and this still has the knickers of the professional homo-haters twisted in a bunch, even though it passed in 2004.

If you surf over to the FAQ on Domestic Partnerships at the Christian Civic League of Maine, you get an eyeful of the faux-Christian love toward gays and lesbians, as they see society continuing to unravel at the hands of The Homosexual Agenda (hand in hand with Maine’s politicians and the state’s media, of course). Some choice excerpts:

The phrase “domestic partner” is a legal fiction created by homosexuals and non-married people who think they are entitled to the same benefits and recognition from society that marriage receives.

…While it MAY BE legitimate for government and business to honor an employee’s spouse and children with this benefit, it is not right for our institutions to honor sodomy in this way.  The practice of unhealthy lifestyles should not qualify anyone for societal benefits.

…Anytime a law like this fails to distinguish between civilization-forming sexual practices and civilization-destroying sexual perversions, then “special rights” are being created.  Aristotle said,  “Injustice arises when equals are treated unequally, and when unequals are treated equally.”  There is nothing “equal” about pretending that something evil is good, or vice versa.

…[The DP bill] is designed to create a successful court case in the future for homosexuality.  Same-sex marriage is the pot full of gold at the end of their rainbow.  This bill will continue to lay the foundation for equality of sexual practices if it becomes law.  Moral sex must be equal to immoral sex for the public to accept same-sex marriage.  That is what this bill is about: giving immoral sex the same support as moral sex in the law.  If this were not the case, then a prohibition of immoral sexual practices would be included in the definition of “domestic partner.”  It is not. Therefore, this bill is unjust … and certainly not Christian.

…[On the media’s alleged favoring of the measure:] The media is no more about balance and objectivity than the idea of same-sex marriage is about marriage.  The herd instinct is powerful.  Maine’s media is herding anyone who listens to it toward a hellish oblivion where marriage means men who have sex with each other can raise children to never know a mother.  If that makes sense to you, then you need to become a journalist, or a politician.

…[On how the media has hypnotized Maine’s politicians:] Many politicians often think about the next election.  Many are hoping to be elected to higher office.  As America has moved away from common sense on matters related to family, marriage and human sexuality — and as we have decided to create a much more permissive culture — those among us who wish to be powerful learn quickly that they must accept drinking, drugging, gambling and pansexuality.

Whew! These folks are wrapped tight.

FYI, here is a good roundup of civil unions, DPs, and marriage equality state by state.

Hat tip, Herb.

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