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Libby Trial: Our YouTube Swan Song

Marcy and I had a lot of fun during the Libby trial with out PoliticsTV YouTubes.  Our final post-verdict riff on Marv Albert and Doug Collins was a joy to do.

Of course, now that Fitzgerald has proven his case, cue the right wing nut jobs who are already wearing hair shirts and bleating "free Scooter."  Wells' sentimental bag o'bullshit about "poor Scooter" did work I suppose, because the jury had a lot of sympathy for him.  But technically he's no fall guy, if the definition of such is " A gullible victim; a dupe."  Scooter lied, he lied consciously, willingly and for the purpose of obstructing justice.  The wingnuts simply prove that they are shameless authoritarian cultists who believe in nothing, certainly not the rule of law, who reflexively genuflect before anything that preserves their own power.  It must be loaded into the DNA of their knee cartilage or something.  They meaning of the words "obstruction of justice" certainly evades them, and people like Andy McCarthy who actually pretend to care ought to be ashamed of his cohorts at the National Review.

I think Barbara Comstock should view this as an opportunity — can a "Free Duke Cunningham" two-for-one fund be far behind? 

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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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