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Late Nite FDL: Wurm und Drang


(Image by darkblack

"I know that Ann Coulter needs publicity in the same way that a tapeworm needs a large intestine. This is the environment that makes it possible for her to continue to make a living doing what she does." (Rachel Maddow via C&L)

That picture is deeply disturbing, I know.  I apologize to any children or small animals who may have been scarred by it.

Well, teh Coultergeist has lost no time whatsoever cloaking herself in the mantle of Persecuted Free Speech Heroin(e).  Her pet dickhead Sean Hannity has leapt into the fray to go on the record echoing Coulter's assertion that "faggot" is a harmless "schoolyard taunt" and that gay-bashing is as American as baseball, apple pie, and plantation lynchings.

HTML Mencken has an excellent round-up of Right Wing responses to the Coulter gaffe, and more than adequately demonstrates that the Reich Wing will give up their favorite genocidal peroxide blonde banshee about as soon as Jonah Goldberg will give up his collection of "new-in-box" 70's Star Wars action figures and deluxe Death Star play-set.  Fortunately, the companies who advertise on Coulter's web-site feel no such loyalty.

WASHINGTON (CNN) — At least three major companies want their ads pulled from Ann Coulter's Web site, following customer complaints about the right-wing commentator referring to Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards as a "faggot."

Verizon, Sallie Mae and Georgia-based NetBank each said they didn't know their ads were on until they received the complaints.

A diarist at the liberal blog posted contact information for dozens of companies with ads on Coulter's site after the commentator made her remarks about Edwards at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington on Friday. (Full story)

Yeah!  That's how you fuckin' do it! 

But you know what?  People inside the Conservative movement hate her, too.  Dave Neiwert points us to yet another ugly incident from CPAC's 2007 Hate Camp conference: 

The extent to which conservatives willingly turn a blind eye to what Coulter represents is reflected in their abject unwillingness to confront it.

Perhaps part of the reason for this is what happens to conservatives — like, say, Dan Borcherd — who actually do: they get roughed up by Coulter's goons — another incremental step in the right's thuggishness. Now they're tossing out genuine Republicans who were actually invited to their events. (Recall, if you will, Coulter's call for students to behave as goons on her behalf at a campus appearance last year.)

Borcherd is a lifelong conservative and Iraq war veteran who believes (perhaps rightly) that Coulter does her movement more harm than good, and has publicly called her out on her involvement in the Paul Jones debacle.  It seems Annie does not like to be reminded that she was Patient Zero, the Typhoid Mary of CDS (Clinton Derangement Syndrome) back in the mid-90's, when she was a fresh-faced young thing of 65.  A CPAC security detail, headed by Ann's own people forcibly ejected Mr. Borcherd from the event after jerking his paid event pass from around his neck and manhandling him for several minutes.  Hooray, CPAC!  Hooray, freedom of speech!  Truly, conservatives are doing all they can to keep Stalinism alive and well in the new millenium.

And here, my friends, is what we've been waiting for all week.  I still haven't been able to track down a master list of the papers who carry Coulter's column, but the Human Rights Campaign has set up a page where you can email the editors of those papers directly with either a form letter, or a composition of your own.  I know that you guys are going to want to put your newly perfected Angry Letter Writing Skills to work, so by God, go to it!  And give 'em HELL!!  ATTACK!!  ATTACK!!  ATTACK!!

Editor and Publisher reports today that two more papers have dropped Coulter's column, bringing up the total since last Friday's "f-bomb" to at least four.  We'll work on laudatory letters to those papers later in the week, but for now we still have work to do.  It's time to give Annie a little taste of exactly how the "marketplace of ideas" deals with people who sell such deeply shoddy merchandise. 

Coulter is calling this her "17th career-ending moment", but hey, 17 has always been a lucky number for me.  It looks like this time around, she's hell bent on personally nailing shut the lid on her career's coffin from the inside.  Even notoriously vacuous gossip queen Perez Hilton is getting involved by stealing images from darkblack and calling his normally politically agnostic readers to action

Ah, yes, the 2007 Hate Camp is a gift that keeps right on giving.  Even one of its organizers, Amy Ridenour (via Raw Story) is having her doubts about the efficacy of an annual FreepFest in spreading the conserv-o-tard meme: 

"It would be better, in my opinion, to not have a CPAC at all than to have one that presents conservatism as a hostile, people-hating ideology," said Amy Ridenour, whose National Center for Public Policy Research was one of the paying sponsors for CPAC.

"We conservatives have enough trouble overcoming the false things that are said about us without paying for a platform upon which we shoot ourselves annually in the foot," she wrote on her weblog Sunday.

Oh, but come on, Amy!  The 101st Fighting Keyboarders may never get a chance to shoot anything but their feet!  Besides, where else can we find out that Ann Coulter, Michelle MalKKKin, Hannity, and O'Reilly's new BFF Cpl. Matt Sanchez is yet another gay hooker Republican with a slew of hardcore porn flicks on his resume with titles like "Jawbreaker", "Donkey Dicks", and "Glory Holes of Fame 3".  Ew.  I know.  Goooooood Family Values.

Kind of makes you sick, doesn't it?  What's with the GOPerverts and their penchant for man-whores?

ADDED: Big thanks to the dashing Max Blumenthal of the Nation who name-checked me tonight on Countdown!!  BOO-YAAAAAAHHH!!!

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