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Fair and Balanced?


I frankly don't know what's wrong with Harry Reid these days.  Yes he called on Bush not to pardon Libby, but as a member of the party leadership he ought to do no less.  Meanwhile, he allows the party's biggest war pimp and GOP enabler, Joe Lieberman to refashion himself as hero of the Walter Reed debacle and friend to all the service people his delusional blindness has put there.  He seems either constitutionally incapable (or unwilling) to show any leadership when it comes to ending the war.  And inexplicably, he's oh so willing to let Fox News legitimize itself by hosting a presidential forum in August in Nevada.  (I realize many here don't watch Fox News, so if you need a reminder of the kind of vile propagandizing on behalf of the GOP they're capable of, please watch the Robert Greenwald clip here.)

As Matt Stoller says:

If the Democratic Party places its highest and most valuable political debate – that over our nominee to the Presidency – on Fox News, we are giving a Republican partisan news outlet the ability to argue that they are not biased.  We force thousands of diehard Democrats to watch a Republican propaganda outlet, and allow Fox News to spin and impute meaning to the debate.  This is a serious problem.


Please call Reid's offices and ask him to not legitimize Fox News as a neutral news outlet.  If you are not in Nevada, use this number: 202-224-3542 / Fax: 202-224-7327

If you live in Nevada, use this number, which is restricted to 775 and 702 area codes: 1-866-SEN-REID (736-7343)

It's time to let Senator Reid know that we want him to act like a good Democrat and ensure that the candidate forum in August treats the Democratic Party and our Democratic leaders vying for the Presidency with the respect that they deserve.  Treating Fox News as a neutral news outlet by letting them solely host this debate does not do that.

Help save Harry from his own infirmity, and all of us from having to switch on Fox News in the process.  Many of us are trying to keep our blood pressure down these days, and in addition to watching sodium intake and cutting back on trans fatty acids, strategically avoiding exposure to Fox News is at the top of everyone's To-Do list.

Just when it looks like Reid's netroots approval rating can't plummet any faster (81% to 40% in four months) he steps in it again.  If he doesn't care about ending the war, maybe he'll care about stopping the freefall. 

Oh and BTW — good for John Edwards

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Jane Hamsher

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