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'Dyke' printed on Jamba Juice customer's receipt

Words have meaning, don’t they, Ann (and your conservative friends)?

Lesbian Charlene Pabro went to a Jamba Juice and ordered a drink. Normally they ask for your name when you order and the staffer enters it into the register so it prints on your receipt, but she wasn’t asked for her name. Look what happened next. (CBS13):

Instead, Pabro, who is openly gay, says the word ‘DYKE’ was typed on the receipt instead of her name.

“It was one of those things that you just sit and you’re like wow, the world can be that ignorant sometimes,” Pabro told CBS13. “It’s really tough to go and think that if I go in this establishment I wonder what name they are going to call me today.”

Unlike the fumbling and defensiveness of the Snickers folks, Jamba Juice acted right away and fired the employee; the company’s CEO plans to personally apologize to Pabro.

Hat tip goes to Meghann Marco of The Consumerist, who also notes that the CBS site link also features video of “a stammering confused Jamba Juice employee trying to answer for the clerk while fielding calls from Jamba Juice corporate.”

UPDATE: Extra bonus points for this homophobic BS, from Andy at Towleroad:

A California woman was arrested, booked on suspicion of misdemeanor hate crime and misdemeanor battery and released after she drove by a gay couple in her van, rolled down the window, and threw fruit and vegetables at them while yelling the word “faggot”.

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