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A Blender corresponds with a homophobe

Rev. Dr. Jerry Maneker, a regular here at the Blend, has been engaging with a real winner of a “Christian” over at his pad,  A Christian Voice for LGBT Rights. This homophobe, who calls themselves “A servant of Christ,” has been writing Jerry to “school” him on the evils of homosexuality.

I’ll let you surf over to read the exchanges, but I wanted to share a snippet of the sanctimonious drivel our friend Jerry had to respond to.

If any man have the Spirit of Truth in him, he will bear witness with us on what is acceptable to God and what is not acceptable to God(detestable). In Genesis 1:26-28, the Lord tells men(male and female) to be fruitful and multiply. Scientifically speaking, two males cannot reproduce and bring forth child. If they cannot do so, then obviously that means that they aren’t supposed to. If they are attempting to have “relations” then they are trying to work that which is unseemly as the Scriptures would explain.

The Word of God has clearly explained what is acceptable and what is detestable to you today. Now you must choose whether you will obey and teach others the Truth of God about homosexuality, OR, whether you will disobey and not teach others what has been revealed to you this day. If you teach any other gospel than what has been revealed, you will be accursed as it is written,” … but there are some who trouble you and want to pervert the Gospel of Christ.

Part of Jerry’s polite smackdown is after the flip.The poor fundie didn’t stand a chance.

I hope you read some of my (and others’) articles on this subject in some books and on the Internet. My article, “Why Every Church Must Be Open and Affirming,” is one such article; another one is “Some Talking Points on Christianity and Homosexuality.” Others have written on this subject as well, and don’t see the verses you quote in the same way as you do.

Context is everything, and gang rape isn’t equivalent to love; being fruitful and multiplying isn’t for everybody, as many older people get married and some are incapable of having children. We can’t blindly take every biblical practice of a tribal society, surrounded by enemies, called upon to “be fruitful and multiply” so as to survive, and impose them on contemporary society.

For example, I doubt that many Christians would want to bring back the institution of slavery to this country. Yet the Bible was used by professing Christians as a major justification for that practice! I’m sure I don’t have to remind you that most all white professing Christians, churches, and denominations were solidly behind segregation in the U.S. before the civil rights movement, and they frequently used the Bible to justify that institution! And the reason they were able to reconcile their being “Christian” with being in favor of Jim Crow and all manner of segregation, was because they used biblical literalism as their way of justifying their preconceived prejudices; using certain selected verses in the Bible that would justify those prejudices, just as do homophobic professing Christians today.

Go read the rest. And there’s another exchange here.

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