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Way Off-Target: Calling Ann Coulter A Transvestite

When Ann Coulter referred to presidential candidate John Edwards as a faggot, we all knew there is something more wrong about it than the individual insult.  Not only are we incensed because the term is often yelled out when hate crimes are committed against LGBT people, but because we know that what Ann Coulter was also saying in calling John Edwards a faggot is that there is something inherently wrong about being gay. 

I know many of us abhor pejoratives because there is nothing wrong with being black (related to the n-bomb), nothing wrong with being female (related to the c-word), nothing wrong with being Arab or Muslim (related to the term rag-head), and nothing wrong with being gay (related to the other f-word).

So why is it that some critics of Coulter — mostly left-leaning bloggers — think it’s okay to call Coulter a transvestite, transsexual, or transgender?  Here are some recent quotes from the blogosphere:

From A Day In The Life:

How counter-productive for the conservative movement is it to have a venom-filled transvestite such as Ann Coulter standing up as their poster girl at meetings and conventions when she does nothing but slander and name-call the opposition?

From Moon Over My Hammy:

Isn’t It Ironic . . . that Ann Coulter would call Edwards a “faggot” when she looks like a post-op transsexual?

From Cut to the Chase:

So there’s a big conservative shindig today and one of the main speakers was the far right nutwing’s favorite transgender hate-spewer, the man with a thousand tight skirts, Ann Coulter, who chose to use the word faggot when referring to John Edwards.

The message I get from all these kinds of comments is that these folk find it wrong for Coulter to indicate she believes there is something inherently wrong with being gay, but it’s okay for them to counterpunch at Coulter by indicating Coulter is transgender — indicating that there’s something inherently wrong with being transgender.  This is especially true when the term used is transvestite, as most American transpeople consider the term a pejorative.

As a transwoman, I find insulting Coulter by claiming she’s transgender pretty thoughtless commentary.  If Coulter were to turn out to be transgender, what’s wrong with the way she states her viewpoints would have nothing to do with her being transgender. 

Insulting Coulter by calling her transvestite, transsexual, or transgender insults my transgender peers and me in the process of saying something is wrong with Coulter for making outrageous statements AND having an adam’s apple/looking transgender.  Nice going, lefty bloggers, for stooping to using other f-word style insults to make your points about Coulter using the other f-word.

UPDATE: Autumn said that this post was mentioned on a radio show called “Truth and Hope Report: Tuesday Night Talk” last night (about 15:25 to 20:40). The audio is here.

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Autumn Sandeen

Autumn Sandeen