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The Verdict Faerie


As you might know. mr, emptywheel is Irish. So when things disappear or reappear at my house, it's always attributed to the ________ faerie. It goes something like this:

"Sweetie, did you use the last eggs?"

"Oh, I thought the egg faerie would have brought more."


"Hey, are we having people over? The beer faerie's been."

Always said in Fiona Ritchie's Scottish accent, you understand, not my husband's own Irish accent, which very light.

We have just learned the verdict will be read at noon.


Well didn't take long for the media to get upstairs, did it?

And I did this Verdict Faerie thing (meant to have it BEFORE the verdict announcement) because we did dinosaurs yesterday (the Peanut's costume), vultures today, and now, McCaffrey the verdict dog.

And if anyone wants to know–the day after mr. emptywheel did this, McCaffrey the millenialab acted up at Daycare. Go figrue. 

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