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Egregious and Emptywheel Reflect

Hey, Jane is on Rachel Maddow. Not sure how to stream it, but tell us in the comments. 

Egregious and I are sitting here in Plame House drinking Looseheadprops' wine. Thanks LHP!!! I hope it doesn't ruin my interview tomorrow morning.

We're watching Chris Matthews, who seems to have the appropriate level of seriousness about a top Administration official getting busted for obstructing an investigation. Jane, meanwhile, is telling the media how good it is to be an American today.

I'll turn over to Egregious, who has a lot more than I do left…

Egregious here. Eeeeeeeeek!!!  Excuse me.  I think we are beginning to reach a lot of people on the right.  My pilates teacher is very conservative, her husband is a high level officer in the Middle East, so I was a little wary of sharing The News with her.  But my cheese eating grin was giving me away, I had to say something.  So I said, that trial I missed a lesson for?  We won.  Pause for her conservative reaction…  "HE LIED TO THE FBI."  Ooooh, good start.  "HE LIED TO THE GRAND JURY."  Ok, not gonna be a problem here.  I requested permission to laugh out loud randomly thruout the lesson.  

And I think about the effect of this trial, and this verdict [OH YEAH, WOO HOO, OH YEAH] excuse me where was I. Ahem. The effect of the trial on young people.  One young person in our family was wavering between Republican and Democrat until recently, and now is like DUH of course Democrat, how could anyone want to be affiliated with the Republicans.  How many million other such young people have been swayed by this trial?

Hey LHP your wine is outstanding.  You rock.  We are SO up for Joe Wilson being on Olbermann.   

Emptywheel back. Shrum is on. Jeez. He looks bad. Jane, in a towel, says, "oh good put him on. What are they thinking?"

Well, thanks to LHP. We're enjoying your hospitality. Miss you, though.

$$$ to the first pundit who says, which is more important, Bill Clinton's blow job, or the CIA's NOCs? 

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