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We went rushing to the courthouse with computer bags and scarves flying this morning, sans benefit of caffeine, certain that we were going to see major fireworks when court convened at 9:30 am.  Instead we got bupkis, five minutes of harmony between defense counsel and the prosecution over the response to the jury.  It was quite anti-climactic.

I walked out into the hall afterwards and saw Mrs. Libby standing there once again.  This is the second time in two days she hasn't gone into the courtroom but was peering at the closed circuit screens in the overflow courtroom through the door windows from the hall.  No idea why, but her nerves must be frayed by this time — and with good reason.

I stopped at the coffee cart on my way back to fetch coffee for Marcy (possibly the greatest service I do for our coverage all day) and myself, and decided I needed some fruit for breakfast, which left me carrying a large tower of food as I teetered down the hall.  Ted Wells passed me, grinned and said "you know if you spill that all over yourself, somebody's gonna write about it."  I offered him the opportunity to guest blog it.  I'm sure I'll hear back on that momentarily.

The National Gallery has a nice exhibit of English landscape paintings and some Rembrandt drawings, two of my particular faves, so I will probably catch that at lunch.  Yesterday I saw the Jasper Johns exhibit and liked it more than I thought I was going to, lots of interesting textures that don't show up well in reproductions, but the thing that stuck with me this morning were the Matisse cutout works in the upper gallery.  Very moving, joyous and hopeful.  Somehow quite right for the moment.

(Henri Matisse's "Icarus," 1947) 

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