Here are a few tidbits to chew on over lunch.  Enjoy!

Bob Geiger has a great round-up of the Senate committee schedule for this week.  Very interesting stuff – read the whole listing.

— There will be two hearings in the House today on the situation at Walter Reed, and at other VA facilities across the country.  The WaPo says it isn't just Walter Reed.  I'm sensing that these hearings are going to be testy, and will be worth the watching.  And could this be the face of the new "Heckuva job, Brownie?"  Don't know about you all, but I'm sensing that Rove might be looking for a VA scapegoat and if I were Jim Nicholson, I'd be watching my back.  C-Span has been running the hearings live this morning.

— Never thought I would say this in a million years, but I agree with Al D'Amato.  (Oh lordy, that hurt.)  The whole Bush Administration religion nanny state enforcement has got to stop — we could put these reseources to much, much better use elsewhere and, frankly, we could figure out a way to make that revenue work toward lowering the ballooning deficit.  Plus, when you look at the totality of issues facing this country at the moment, soem guy wanting to play poker in his own home while wearing his jammies?  Not exatly at the top of the enforcement list for me.  How about you? 

— From the Department of I'm Not Even Remotely Surprised, the Bush Administration has no "plan B" for Iraq.   None.  Nada.  Zip.  Taylor has some thoughts on Lindsey Graham's "positively bursting with propaganda" weekend gabfest appearance.

— Another edition of why I love Roger Ailes (the good one).

Wolcott unleashes a fabu zinger:  Annie Oafley.  Just when you thought that Ann Coulter could not possibly make more of an ass of herself, she opens her mouth.  More here, here and here.

Digby puts history in perspective for some folks in the media who clearly have no sense of it.  Here's a clue:  bad policies, bad results, bad Republicans.  Get the picture?

What is catching your eye today?  Do share a link in the comments.

Christy Hardin Smith

Christy Hardin Smith

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