Coffee will make you black. Marriage will too….
CPAC closing night performance by Ashford & Simpson tribute act

The ever-perceptive and sensitive to racial matters Dan Riehl gotcha’s Max Blumenthal because that “curiously pale Black Republican” at the CPAC National Black Republican Association booth is actually married to a black woman, which means that pointing out that he’s not of the dusky hue is “a racial insult”.

Unfortunately for Blumenthal, a “good looking fella” according to Ann Coulter, his camera man apparently caught him off guard. After making a somewhat bizarre plea to “Take a stand” for the Confederacy, Blumenthal approached the booth for the National Black Republican Association where he hurled a racial insult at Peter Rice, in Blumenthal’s words, “a curiously pale Black Republican.” Mr. Rice is the spouse of Francis Rice, Chairman of the National Black Republican Association. See brief YouTube video below.


I would have to say that Peter Rice is about as far away from funk soul brother as Dan is from a MacArthur Grant.

Of course Dan fails to see the subtle humor in Mr. Rice manning the Macaca booth while his wife is at home writing copying letters to the editor.

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