The Lonely Passion of Mary Grabar

Oddly placed within the middle of a column explaining that smarty-pants atheists are too stupid to realize that they are outsmarty-panted by the big Guy Himself comes this weird digression from Mary Grabar:

Nonetheless, even as the systems presumably march on toward perfection, anarchists, who believe that they have the answer stir and fume. So in spite of the fact that virtually all conservative faculty members and texts have been eliminated in English departments, “resist and refuse” posters grace the doors of securely entrenched tenured radical English professors who make up hiring and curriculum committees. Somehow injustices still remain! And these radicals call for even more drastic changes, and finally anarchy. The fact that English professors cannot just stick to their jobs of teaching about the great literary traditions is evidence of the overweening hubris of the atheistic mind.

As the youth, taught by these radical atheists, search and search and look into the void, they find that they—in spite of the arguments of the atheists—have a spiritual need. Schooled in relativism and multiculturalism, they turn wildly to such things as paganism or radical Islam to fill a vacuum. I’ve had a student tell me about pagan rituals involving the drinking of human blood. Indeed, stupid atheists are responsible for taking away the spiritual bulwarks against internal jihad in our schools.

All of which I take to mean that someone is still pretty bitter about not rising above Temporary Assistant Professor at Clayton State.

Hopefully her new novel, Jocasta’s Conundrum will remedy all of that.

(added): Upon further review it occurred to me that Mary reminds me of another literary Mary.

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