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Late Nite FDL: Potty Mouthed Liberals

        Warning:  video contains mature subject matter. 
I've yet to weigh in on the outrage – the OUTRAGE!! – of all the foul, uncivil language coming from the political left online.  May I refer you to The Editors?:
It has come to our attention that left-leaning bloggers use more naughty words than wingnut bloggers. This is just the latest evidence that liberals are incivil and unserious, and it explains why everyone who counts should continue to ignore them, and focus instead on writing more love notes to right-wing psychopaths. Because that’s what happens when somebody cusses.
They then offer a style guide to help promote more civility among left leaning writers at a loss for word substitutes:
Incivil/Unserious Civil/Serious
“f*ck” Suggest that Arab countries, being too primative for democracy, should be reduced to rubble.
“sh*t” Imply that the media is working with al Qaeda.
“w*nk*r” Wonder if the Clintons were involved in the murder of Princess Diana.
“d*mn” State that we are at war with France.
“*ssh*l*” Invent a quote from Abraham Lincoln saying that Congressmen who disagree with the President should be executed.
“d*ck” Congratulate people for recognizing that the ethnic cleansing of Muslims is inevitable.
“c*nt”/”c*ck” Point out that Arab Muslims are bloodthirsty savages.
“b*tch” Suggest that the government should begin murdering foreign scientists and religious leaders.
“b*st*rd” Threaten to start a civil war.
“p**p” Accuse your opponents of being allied with terrorists based on the names of the pets of obscure comedians.
“p**-p**” Suggest that our current difficulties could be solved by putting people in concentration camps.

Advocate poisoning a member of the Supreme Court

That's just an excerpt.  Go on over to The Poor Man Institute for the full style guide.
The party's over folks.  No more f-bombs. 
Tonight is our last night before we break out the mouth soap.  However, for the comments tonight, go right ahead:  talk dirty to me. 
It's your last chance! 
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