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*UPDATE* — okay, that's it for the day.  It's 2pm, the jury has left the building and we have no verdict yet.  We'll see you all back here bright and early on Monday morning for another week of live blogging from the Prettyman Courthouse — JH

We thought we might have a hearing on the meaning of whatever word the jury wanted a dictionary for today, but so far — nada.  Still, in Marcy's absense it's been nice to have egregious here in the media room as backup in case I needed to be up in the courtroom (everyone knows how much I love sitting on those rock-hard benches).  We've got about 45 minutes until the end of the day (jury goes home at 2pm) so we're in countdown phase for the weekend until then.

Meanwhile, via Jeralyn at TalkLeft, we find that the Wilsons have sold their story to Warner Brothers.  The sport du jour here at the courthouse is casting. Matt Cooper has already publicy said that he wants Jack Black to play him (who would no doubt pick up an Oscar for the "sprawl" scene).  Feel free to play blogospheric casting director in the comments below — who knows, someone Debra Zane could be picking up tips.

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