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FDL Late Nite: Did You Hear the One About. . .?


Did you hear the one about Lieberman, of the CFL Party, doing the Democrats' radio address this weekend?

Lieberman To Deliver Democratic Address
5:00 PM EST, March 2, 2007
By DAVID LIGHTMAN, Washington Bureau Chief

WASHINGTON — Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman plans to deliver the Democrats' radio response to President Bush Saturday and urge that the president and Congress "hold the Pentagon and Army chain of command accountable or the neglect of our soldiers at Walter Reed" Army Medical Center….

Lieberman, a senior member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, plans to say in his brief talk today, which airs shortly after 11 a.m. in most markets, that the reports in the Post "have uncovered
completely unacceptable living conditions and inadequate services."

What, you're not laughing?  Neither am I. 

The abject failure of the Democratic Party to heed the will of the people from the 2006 midterms is about as unfunny as it gets.  See Matt Stoller for more.  The ability of the Democrats to undercut any real opposition to Bush's bloodthirsty betrayal of our national security and our military for the sake of escalation and Iranian misadventure has been breathtaking.

Who are the villains?  The same people I talked about just before the midterm elections. Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer, Rahm Emanuel, Steny Hoyer and others.  But I have another responsible party to name, and it may surprise you.



The progressive netroots as a whole is in part to blame, here.

After the midterms, I saw a lot of celebration and a collective sigh of relief that we supposedly have real allies in DC.  Well, Pelosi is an ally, but she's an island beset by bad actors.  That's about it.   In spite of the fact that her poll numbers are better than those of all the others in Democratic leadership, they are betraying the base.

We need to stop pretending that politicians respond to goodwill and persuasion, no matter what they claim about themselves.  They respond to power, fear and pressure.  Across the netroots, we need to get back to doing less cheerleading and more aggressive organizing and targeted punishment.  Until we do that, we will continue to watch these betrayals, on matters of war, the environment, net neutrality, executive branch accountability, public campaign financing, you name it. 

It's time to get angry again, folks.  Harry Reid is putting Lieberman out there because he does not care what we think, and he does not care because we in the netroots, collectively, beat our swords into plowshares after the midterms.  That's been a costly mistake, and one some among us warned against.

I'm sorry I have nothing really funny to say tonight.  With this Lieberman thing, the joke is on us, and it's a symptom of a much larger problem. 

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