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A look inside the untethered mind of a hate crimes legislation opponent

At some point, you really wonder if it’s possible to make up fundies like Rev. Ted Pike. We’ve heard all sorts of unhinged homophobic/transphobic reasons why the fundies don’t want hate crimes legislation passed, but wait till you read this novel reason to oppose it — it’s all a Jewish conspiracy.

If passed, H.R. 254 would give ADL [Anti-Defamation League] unlimited privilege to educate, supervise and command state law enforcement, backed by federal authority.

…Focus on the Family recently intercepted Conyers’ private “dear colleague” letter to select liberals in the House. Along with my recent alert, this exposure deprived Conyers of the secrecy necessary to plan B. If he perseveres, Conyers will have to subvert millions of American’s wishes under the watch of many eyes – clearly not the preferable course of action.

…The vast majority of Americans remain oblivious to the existence of the hate bill in Congress, or how it dangles like the blade of a guillotine over our precious and vulnerable liberty. The House remains dominated by Democrats who need only a simple majority to pass any legislation. Danger remains very great.

It goes on and on, but the high point is when he unleashes this insane beauty, going completely off the rails, crashing down a steep ravine into madness:

Now more than ever, “eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.” These are the terms of warfare today, as organized world Jewry, through ADL and also the Democratic party, is in a final offensive to end free speech and, with it, all opposition to its worldwide control. It is throwing all its weapons against traditional Christian civilization: filthy movies and TV, promotion of homosexuality and pornography, attack on the symbols, values, and beliefs of Christianity, encouragement of unrestrained immigration, and, not least, exhaustion of America in Mideast wars that benefit only Israel. More boldly than ever, Jewish activists introduce incredibly perverse and restrictive legislative attacks on freedom. Their goal is world control – soon.

Ah, my Jewish friends out there — it sounds like you are working way harder on your Agenda than we mere gentiles. And for those of you who are Jewish and gay — damn, it sounds like world domination is in the palm of your hand. Rev. Pike told me so.

H/t, Scott at Reality Cubed.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding