Later there was a somewhat awkward encounter on
the elevator with Tammy Bruce

Bill Scher has donned his hazmat suit and is covering CPAC where we learn the most fascinating things:

When society tolerates deviance … it normalizes deviance … lesbianism among young women has risen dramatically in the last 10 years alone. And that is certainly due to media and advertising, and certainly also because of the fact that we decide to tolerate it.

— columnist Ben Shapiro

Now I haven’t seen those recruitment ads from the National Lesbian Manufacturers Association that the Virgin Ben alludes to, but I’m guessing that maybe a few women have turned to the Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name But Has Its Own Series On Showtime because there is a definite lack of that sweetass Shapiro shlong on the market.

And a girl’s got needs, don’cha know. Unless, of course, she’s the unfuckable Molly Brown who has turned her vagina into a cottage industry by simply hanging a ‘Closed’ sign on it.

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