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Pachacutec Talks emptywheel Off a Ledge


Real courtroom drama today. After we decided we weren't going to call a press conference on the steps of the Prettyman Courthouse to name the winner of the media room deliberation pool, Pach and I had our own little drama.

You see, I lost internet access. Everyone else in the media room, they were tapping away happily, surfing car sites, cheap malaria drug sites, maybe even some (gasp) news. Pach even got a proposal mostly written. But me, I just rebooted, turned off the Internet, turned it back on. "I brought my laptop cord today! And you're telling me I  still don't have Internet access!?!?!"

I'm not so patient normally–just ask mr. emptywheel. Even less patient when I don't have a book in front of me (yup, I stupidly decided to leave the book at home). But when they take my Toobz away?

Luckily, we have Pach, a trained professional, on hand and he recognized the ledge-like symptoms even while ensconced in his proposal at the back of the room. It was an early lunch for the FDL crew, with my laptop safely asleep back in the media room. Pach even got carrots and celery–something crunchy I could work my energy out on. He somehow managed to get me talking about the most challenging wedding I ever attended, in Western South Carolina just days before the 2004 elections. Just a few rants about my brothers-in-law attempts to avoid blaspheming in the Baptist Church. They're Irish, you see, and it's hard for them to avoid saying "jesusmaryandjoseph" under the best circumstances, much less in a dry wedding in a strange country (that's the US, the strange country). I didn't even get into my rant about the Amway/Quickstar people at the wedding before lunch was over.

First you distract them, then you get treatment. It was a dramatic moment, when I turned the laptop back on after lunch. Holding my breath. Gasp. Ahhh. We're back on the Toobz.

Hey guys, good to see you again.

Update from the courtroom–there's a flood in the cafeteria. And the jury had salad sent in for lunch.

And the real story–apparently they've been getting cookies every day as an afternoon snack. If we just cut the jury off their cookie supply, I'm pretty sure we'd see a verdict quickly. 

Update: The flood in the cafeteria is coming from the bathrooms next door.

Media room erupts in bad toilet puns. 

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