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Live From the Libby Courthouse


*BREAKING*   There is a note from the jury the content of which we don't know yet.  We also heard that the judge is going to address the jury at 4:30 pm today in the courtroom, and it is assumed he will dismiss them for the day.   We don't know whether the two things are related or not, but Marcy will be liveblogging it as it happens. — JH

David Shuster of MSNBC is reporting:

We have been advised, and I have just confirmed, that the courthouse cafeteria is now flooded.  And I can report that some type of liquid has created large puddles on the cafeteria floor, in the area where food is served.   More significantly, the bathrooms next to the cafeteria have signs on the doors that say "closed."   In other words, it is not a "cafeteria flood" as we had been led to believe, but rather a "bathroom flood" affecting the cafeteria.

This could impact the Libby jury in a crucial way:  Every afternoon, around this time, the cafeteria workers will deliver "cookies" up to the jury room.  Today, unless somebody has waders, or unless the jury is actively seeking a "mistrial via salmonella," there will be no cookie delivery. 

This is not exactly the tough love we had been hoping the judge would impose on this jury to get them to reach a verdict.  But, it is a start.

Reports that the bathroom discharge problems were caused by reporters/producers at A Network That Shall Not Be Named have not been confirmed.

We tried to get Shuster to tell us what network he was referring to in the final line, but he refused to confirm and mumbled something cryptic about "nobody you watch." 

(YouTube above suggested by Gary Fields of the Wall Street Journal, who thought it captured the mood in the media room right now.) 

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