31 Mar 2007

In lieu of church…

All of the Jesus you’ll need without getting up from your computer:

It beats listening to the Catholic League’s $350,000 a year hitman, Bill Donohue

31 Mar 2007

Some things never change

Rex Wockner is going through his old boxes of photographs — 23 years’ worth — of snaps taken for stories he did for the gay press. He gave me permission to repost this gem: These are young college Republicans at the 1988 Republican National Convention in New Orleans, performing a

31 Mar 2007

FDL Late Nite: Personal Irresponsibility on Desolation Row

  Matthew Dowd, photo from PBS.  Personal responsibility?  Not much.  Cry me a bloody (Tigris) river (emphasis added): AUSTIN, Tex., March 29 — In 1999, Matthew Dowd became a symbol of George W. Bush’s early success at positioning himself as a Republican with Democratic appeal. A top strategist for the

31 Mar 2007

Meet “The Right’s Field”

  (Image via Katie Gail.  Gotta love the pink elephant…) Are you looking for a one-stop shop for all the zany hijinks of the GOP Presidential candidates?  Well, look no further, because our friends at The Right's Field sift through the silliness. A terrific combination of firsthand reporting, compilation, and incisive commentary,

31 Mar 2007

Work of 'ex-gay' therapist Richard Cohen vanishes from NARTH, PFOX sites

[Welcome, Americablog readers. You will laugh until you cry when you watch The Daily Show clip of Cohen’s belching, stretching and “therapy.” The best clip is after the jump.] Ex-Gay Watch has the scoop on the spectacular fall from ex-gay grace of fraudulent reparative therapist Richard Cohen, who has appeared

31 Mar 2007

Plenary Powers

  Commentor Bob Schacht asked a question a while back about why Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald cannot use his "plenary powers" to expand his investigation into other kinds of wrongdoing. I was on my way out of the threads at the time and merely said that "plenary powers" didn't mean

31 Mar 2007

Blue America: Rep. Jerry McNerney — Congressman At The Corner

(From left to right:  Howie Klein and Rep. Jerry McNerney.) [FDL is thrilled to welcome Rep. Jerry McNerney back for a Blue America chat today.  As always, please stay on topic in the thread and be polite.  Any off-topic conversation should be taken to the prior thread.  And, with that,

31 Mar 2007

Q of the day – worst anti-LGBT incident you've experienced

What is the most anti-LGBT encounter/interaction you’ve ever had? I ask the question this way because I want straight allies to answer as well. This could be gay-bashing, bullying, threatening emails, personal encounters with family/colleagues, etc. For the non-violent incidents, did the homophobes seem like their vitriol stemmed from irrational

31 Mar 2007


  (Photo via Wonkette.) I saw Charlie Rose interview David Gregory chief White House correspondent of NBC last night. For me the jury has been out on Gregory. Sometimes when he is asking questions at a presser, he seems like he understands what’s going on. But often when he gives

31 Mar 2007

2001: A Timeline of What Could Have Been

(This is an updated version of an old post of mine over at the old version of my blog; it lost all its formatting and links when Blogger switched formats.  I decided that with all the talk of President Gore lately, it was time to revive and revisit it.) Ever