28 Feb 2007

The kind of people we would normally shun

Speaking of internet comments (see below) they really do bring out the best in people, particulalrly when given the opportunity to address the story of poor black child who died because of an untreated tooth:
This article starts off with the premise that a lack of insurance prevented his monther from taking him to a dentist.

28 Feb 2007

Just The Facts…

Joe Conason has a doozy of an op-ed in the NYObserver.  And he calls Vice President Cheney out for being the king of duplicity: Seeking to intimidate the Congressional leaders last week, he recited the misleading old formula conflating war in Iraq with the struggle against Al Qaeda. His theories

28 Feb 2007

Don't get cozy with Cosi: NY store threatens to pull marriage equality exhibit

In New Rochelle, NY, a traveling photo album exhibit called “This Family Wants to Come Together,” part of a state-wide project of personal images that features families  — meant to educate people about marriage equality — was to make a stop at Cosi Restaurant (the 77 Quaker Ridge Road store).

28 Feb 2007


  (Photo by REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst via Yahoo.  From left to right: Government Attorney Peter Zeidenberg, FBI Agent Deborah Bond, Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald, and Government Attorney Kathleen Kedian.)  For those joining us a little late this morning, the jury note was a question that was asked and answered by the jury themselves.  It dealt

28 Feb 2007

The Question, Part III

Note from the jury: We would like clarification on the charge as stated under Count 3 specifically: Page 74 of the jury instructions, "Count three of the indictment alleges that Mr. Libby falsely told the FBI on October 14 or November 26, 2003, that during a conversation with M. Cooper

28 Feb 2007

The Question, Part Two

Well, you guys have been chatty this morning. I'm on a second thread and we're just getting started. How am I supposed to conserve battery at this clip? For those just tuning in, Jane is dressed in some fancy shoes today, but the jury is dressed in jeans. We're waiting

28 Feb 2007

The Question

Good morning. The discussion of the question has been postponed to 9:45. Just heard Jeffress tell some folks that it's not an exciting question. But we'll liveblog it from here in any case. Team Libby just got to the courthouse.  In other news, I forgot my power cord today. Luckily,

28 Feb 2007

Gay Oklahoma student sues over taunting, assaults in school

And to think, fundies want to prevent the passage of anti-bullying legislation, and usually seek to exempt religious schools — as if abuse like this should be tolerated against any child. (365gay) A gay teenager who claims school officials in Grove failed to provide him with a safe environment, resulting

28 Feb 2007

Know Your Enemy

(Photo credit for this heartbreaking shot to Damir Sagolij/Reuters — CHS) NOTE: Yesterday afternoon, the Judge in the Libby trial received a note from the Jury (likely a question, but we're not sure), and that matter will be taken up some time this morning. Jane and Marcy will be at

28 Feb 2007

SLDN Conference Call wrap-up.

The Conversation started with Rep Meehan (D-MA) followed by Dixon Osburn, and Joe Solmonese. In Rep. Meehan’s opening remarks he said that he will “be re-introducing the MREA tomorrow with more than 100 of the original sponsors including three republicans and eight members of the armed services committee.”  In the