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The Question, Part Two


Well, you guys have been chatty this morning. I'm on a second thread and we're just getting started. How am I supposed to conserve battery at this clip?

For those just tuning in, Jane is dressed in some fancy shoes today, but the jury is dressed in jeans. We're waiting for some kind of sealed matter to finish up so we can get into the court room. Best as I understand, everyone and their mother is standing in the hallway outside of Walton's court room, waiting, waiting, waiting. 

Okay, we're finally in the court room now. Bonamici is wearing her red jacket again.

We're waiting on the jury, I think. Okay, here goes.

Walton: I've received the parties proposal as to what I should say to the jury. I have some questions in my mind as to what the jury is asking me. I'm going to send a note back to the jury indicating I am not certain what they're asking, can you clarify what you're asking.

Wells: As long as the record is clear that it's the position of the defense that we think the note is clear. We would ask your honor not to send the note. I think govt and defense are reading the note in the same fashion. Defense response and govt response are both very close.

Walton: You may well be right. I have some uncertainty. I'll send that back. I assume we'll get something back very quickly.

So we'll wait in the courtroom, I guess.


Wells says, "we're going back to our room. Zeidenberg, standing too close to a microphone, says, "The Jacuzzi doesn't even work."

And we wait.


It's going to be a half hour. I have a suggestion, in addition to wifi, let's get the courtroom some IM, so Walton can IM the jury to get his clarification.


Hey there. Fitz' team is in the courtroom. Wells was in the courtroom speaking to Bonamici and Fitzgerald for a while. But he then went back into their room. 

Everyone–on both sides–is very chatty this morning. And everyone looks well rested (though I gotta say Libby has his big cheezy smile that looks pasted on, something artificial producing that smile, let me tell you.)

BTW, I don't think Zeidenberg was talking about a jacuzzi IN the court house.

Okay, here comes Wells and Jeffress. Walton's clerk has the note, both sides are reviewing it. Fitzgerald is pointing at it.

Both sides have BIG cheezy grins on their faces.


Okay, everyone seems to be in agreement. We're just waiting on the judge–and hopefully, the jury. Remember them, the jury?

Fitz is now explaining this in animated gestures to Zeidenberg. Doesn't seem to have anything to do with the jacuzzi, though.

Wells also explaining something, to Libby.

Walton back.

The jury sent a note in response, indicating that after further discussion, "we are clear on what we need to do." They no longer need clarification.

Um. So much for the question.

Wells is saying, It's nice we could come to some joint resolution.


Jane's back. She says the question had something to do with Count Three–the Cooper false statements charge. If you ask my opinion, that's the most likely acquittal. 

Not that that means anything!! We should have the note shortly.


We should get the note shortly, folks.


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