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Well, I'm glad I spent yesterday talking people into coming into Prettyman Courthouse. Because now I have people to hang out with this afternoon, while I'm waiting. Pach is back (he came, I think, to glue down my FDL sign so no cable networks steal our seat again). And my blogmate Kagro X came in, too. So we may be bored, but at least we're bored in good company. Of course anyone who comes has to stay, of course, just on the off chance the jury finishes today.

Unless I completely missed it, the Defense did not eat in the cafeteria today. So I have no idea whether Libby paid for Wells' hamburger today or not. Or whether Libby ate anything more than pretzils. What are we supposed to report on if they don't come eat in the cafeteria.

People have been sneaking outside to enjoy the balmy temperatures (downright hot, this MI girl says!). Spring–and cabin–fever, I guess. 

Everyone in the media room is all still wondering WTF the jury note means. I still think that if they had this confusion for the Cooper charge, but not the Russert charge, it's a good sign. But then, we're all talking outtaourarses today.

Jane is wandering around handing out my book to everyone. Good thing to have her here–I'm more of the type away silently type, you know. Plus, she was smart enough to bring her power cord today. 

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