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Radio host calls Dump Michele Bachmann bloggers 'insane'

KTLK talk show host Jason Lewis, obviously smitten with Bush-manhandling, homo-obsessed, anti-gay Congresscritter Michele Bachmann (R-MN),  attacks the Minneapolis Star Tribune and reporter Eric Black for being a tool of Dump Michele Bachmann.

DMB’s Avidor has a must-see video with hilarious background audio of Lewis’s bizarre rant about Dump Michele Bachmann.

Lewis and the Bushbot. Gee, is that Ted “I’m completely heterosexual” Haggard over there with Bachmann?

Lewis comes unglued several times on the program, calls the DMB-ers insane, and then he goes on to say this about the blog:

It’s a website run by a bunch of angry lesbians and radical pacifists…A radical, lesbian, militant organization…pathetic left wing scribes…a conglomeration of radical, marxist leftist and gays and radical gays and lesbians.

Do you think he believes there are radical fags and dykes blogging on DMB? What gives you that idea?

Eva clues Lewis in on the actual composition of the DMB blogging crew:

There is one other lesbian contributor (Lavenderblue) besides me. Otherwise the demographics are a number of straight men, and some gay men. 3 of the four gay people who write for Dump Bachmann are Republican or independent (and the Independents had been Republican in the recent past, but left the party because it had become the party of Bachmannistas).

…Jason (and Bachmann) know very well I’ve been active with Log Cabin Republicans. In fact, Lewis had me on his show as a guest in that role.

Eva, I don’t think this guy has all his marbles; he was so enraged on the air that I was sure the spittle was flying about the studio.

Hey Russ, maybe you can have this clown on the air sometime.

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