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WY GOP Rep. Dan Zwonitzer goes on the radio with HRC

[UPDATE: Dan Zwonitzer shares letters that he received (via Michael Petrelis) after word about his speech traveled the blogosphere.]

HRC Executive Director Joe Solmonese interviewed Wyoming State Rep. Dan Zwonitzer on HRC’s radio show, The Agenda on XM yesterday. 

HRC sent me the audio — you can listen to it here.

Zwonitzer, you’ll recall, is the straight Republican lawmaker who stood up to bigotry and voted to defeat a bill that would have allowed Wyoming to ban recognition of legal same-sex unions.  He also gave an amazing speech in favor of equality.

Zwonitzer mentioned how grateful he was for the support that he’s received regarding his speech (he acknowledged the role of blogs in spreading the word), and he firmly believes that the struggle for gay equality is the civil rights struggle of his generation. Zwonitzer is also sure that in 30 years people are going to wonder why people were fixated on the issue at all — change is coming, even in states like Wyoming.

This is a great interview — his sincerity and believe in equality is genuine. Allies like Dan Zwonitzer are why the right wing religious zealots are worried. He represents the positive cultural shift by twenty-somethings of both parties who are coming into power, and can’t understand the bigotry — and that attitude must be fostered and supported with wide public praise (as Miss Wild Thing noted in the comments, a press release is a much more effective way of spreading the word). The right will do all it can to shut these people out of power.

The Dan Zwonitzers are out there putting themselves on the line in Red State America for us, and we need to have their backs.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding