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Prettyman Patience


(Photo credit to Reuters/Jonathon Ernst)

Still waiting here in Prettyman Courthouse. Things have improved in the media room–we now have AC, so things have cooled down somewhat. To those asking why we don't open any windows–it's a windowless room. Wouldn't really make sense for them to keep out cameras if folks could waltz up and film through the windows, I think.

The other vast improvement is the music. We've had both America the Beautiful and Neil Young's Living with War. Kind of puts you in the mood, you know what I mean? And the IT guy has put pix of his child up on the monitor–a very cute baby.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to use this time to do some schmoozing for, you know, politics. Problem is, if I want to meet anyone, I have to convince them to come to Prettyman to join the Verdict Watch. I'm glad I missed two days of this. I'm not one for waiting.

The post-lunch Defense sighting update: At first there were only two of the Associates from the Defense. But then Wells came in for his burger (he apparently paid). Then finally Libby, who had pretzils and iced tea.  

Things are hot again in the media room–only so much AC can do. And the music is gone, as well as the baby pictures. Fun while it lasted, but it didn't last. 

All I gotta say, at this point, is that they ought to open a chichi restaurant in the Prettyman Courthouse, because I am making some schmoozing progress. But it sure would help if there were a nice restaurant to lure people here with. They're not on Verdict Watch, I'm sure they figure, why should they eat a less than ideal meal?

Other than that, I'm trying to figure out how a room full of men and women–spanning the ages of 22 and 72–can be experiencing hot flashes at the same time over the course of one long afternoon… I'm missing my ice and snow now.

5:04 Beer thirty, folks. The jury is done for the day.

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