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Overheard at the Courthouse


. Evidently Patrick Fitzgerald encountered quite a few obstacles getting back to DC from Chicago over the weekend. With closed airports, it was described as something out of "Planes, Trains and Automobiles." I'm picturing something myself like John Candy and the Polka Band in the back of a Ryder truck from "Home Alone," but I've got a bit of an overactive imagination.

. Speaking of Fitzgerald, his old friend Andy McCarthy boasts of their close relationship and says Fitz is a bit of a histrionic punk, referring to "the tortured four-year history of this teapot tempest":

There is a general feeling that Fitzgerald went overboard to nail a big fish on a process crime (lying to investigators) under circumstances where the underlying offense (intentionally disclosing classified information) could not be proved.

As they saying goes, with friends like that…

. We've had a lot of readers down here at the courthouse, both watching the trial and waiting for the verdict. Reader Kathleen R. wrote the following observations of the comings and goings of the Libby's:

As a 54 year-old mother of three and concerned citizen from Athens, Ohio, I have followed the Libby investigation and trial closely, by reading from FDL, the National Review, David Corn and other news outlets.

Last week I decided to take the time to come to DC to observe the closing of the trial.

After each day's events I have stood outside the exit of the Barrett Prettyman courthouse. I have been able to observe the Libby team exit and the MSM's cameramen (no women) and their coverage of him.

They anxiously await with a scout in the hallways signalling to them when Team Libby is about to exit from the courthouse.

When Libby exists the cameras start flashing and Libby begins to pose…yes pose. When I first saw this display I was in shock. Somehow I assumed one would want to escape the courthouse onslaught of the MSM. But no, Libby poses. I wondered if I had gotten off the wrong metro stop and ended up in Hollywood.

Libby stood, turned his head slowly and struck a pose. Cameras flashed. He turned his head and struck another pose; cameras flashed again. So scripted!

The next day (Wednesday of last week) I watched as Libby's wife exited first from the revolving door. She stopped, just outside the door, flipped her hair and struck a pose for the cameras. It seemed like eternity because not one camera flashed, not one. I almost felt bad for her but her actions seemed so deliberate, so arrogant, so what I consider pathetic.

A few minutes later Libby came out and the same MSM exercise that had taken place the day before repeated itself. Libby poses, cameras flash, he strikes another pose, cameras flash.

As I closely watched Libby and his wife being chauffered away in the jet black SUV, his wife tossed her hair and they began to laugh and continued to laugh.

This display of arrogance pierced my sense of justice. Somehow their behavior said to me that they do not fear the justice system and that they know it is likely that Libby will not be held accountable.

I am still hanging onto Fitzgerald's words, "truth is the engine of our justice system." Are we foolosh and naive to believe this?

Dunno if anyone has seen Bertolucci's 1900, but why does this call to mind the characters played by Donald Sutherland and Laura Betti?

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