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Town Hall columnist is convinced he's not a homophobe

For sheer ignorant homophobia being typed out on the keypads by a columnist, I didn’t think Michael Medved’s unhinged piece on Tim Hardaway and gays in the locker room/military could be topped. However, take a look at fellow Town Hall bleater  Doug Giles, with I’m not Homophobic; I’m Chick-O-Centric.

Unlike Medved, who railed on fat, unattractive women and glossed over any dyke baiting specifics (he was too busy covering his privates thinking about gay men looking at him in the shower), Giles pulls no punches — the lesbian-bashing and stereotyping is out of control.

I think I speak for most heterosexual males when I say I’m not homophobic but chick-o-centric. Let’s keep it positive, okay? It’s not that we dislike you, the gay guy; it’s just that we really like girls. It seems no matter how long we compliantly spend in rehab undergoing the most stringent psychotherapy to rid ourselves of our knee-jerk to your mate choice, the simple fact is . . . heterosexual guys don’t “get” gays. Period.

…It’s the same thing with many lesbians. I don’t get you. When I hear you speak, it’s always “men suck, men are beasts, women rule,” yet some of you “ladies” dress and act like men. You wear men’s Dockers, men’s Polos, you’ve got a short, man’s hair cut, you’re looking like Joe Pesci with breasts. You’re an ugly version of us. I’m just thinking out loud here. What’s-the-dillio? Please explain. It seems as if you would embrace femininity in all its glory like Carrot Top does red hair coloring. Where am I going wrong?

He goes on the completely trash effeminate men.

They seem like nice guys, but the pink hair, lip gloss, heavy eye liner, constant limp wrist and lisp is overkill. Why not, instead of emulating a TBN host, you follow Rob Halford’s lead? That would make it much easier for us to have a beer with you.

This is an attempt at humor, from his perspective as a proudly clueless straight guy, but he joyously reveals the kind of thinking in this culture that foments beatings and killings of LGBT citizens because, as Giles freely admits, he just doesn’t get it. He may not wish harm on someone, but make no mistake, he shares the same insecurity about his masculinity that  those who don’t have control over their violent impulses. Those men can’t handle the rage of homophobia in them and often physically lash out against what they fear when they see someone who is “different.”

Really, if all men like Giles care about is boinking and looking at women, then why do so many of these homophobes spend time fixating on what LGBT people are thinking, doing, saying and what they look like?

What Giles is boldly saying is that he doesn’t want to change his way of thinking about LGBT people. By being out we’re destroying his right to ignorance, and somehow forcing him to realize that his narrow small mind isn’t jibing with reality, so he clings to his stereotypes to feel like “a real man.”

But Giles isn’t homophobic. Right.

I had to get this post up because I don’t have time this AM to address this as much as I would like; I wanted you all to read this piece and comment away.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding