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Good Evening, Blenders.  Tomorrow, I will be participating in a conference call with SLDN and Rep. Meehan on behalf of Pam for The Blend. 

Wednesday afternoon, I will be live-blogging the official announcement from the Rayburn House Office Building.

I’m asking fellow Blenders what questions, should I have the opportunity to ask, would you like to know.  A lot of you are very smart, and very talented and know just the pointed questions to ask.

The first questions that come to mind for me are “Should this pass the House and Senate, do you expect the President to sign or veto the bill?” followed by “Do you think you’ll have enough support to override a veto should the President choose to do so?” and “If the President does sign the MREA, do you expect a signing statement that would allow him to basically ignore the law for the remainder of his term?”

However, those are just my questions and they may not be very good, so I want to know what you guys and gals think.  What else should I ask?

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