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GOP WY Rep. Dan Zwonitzer's pro-equality speech — where are our advocacy orgs?

Michael Petrelis shakes the tree and finds that Andy Tobias, the financial guru and treasurer for the Democratic National Committee (as well as a former HRC board member) somehow managed to find out and blog about the brave speech by straight Republican ally in Wisconsin, State Rep. Dan Zwonitzer.

Hey, Andy, did the text of that speech fall out of the sky? How did you find it, dude? One of your friends from HRC post it to the HRC blog? Of course not, since HRC has no blog and is ignoring the speech altogether. Not only do we need more Republicans like Zwonizter, we also need gay leaders who can share credit when necessary.

Oh well…I always try to share link love with folks who pass on items; I guess when you breathe the rarified air taken in by the political heavy hitter types, those little bloggy social graces don’t matter. Such is life.

Anyway, it’s sad that HRC still hasn’t managed to release even a simple statement of support for Zwonitzer’s stand — after all isn’t the point of an advocacy organization to support and show public respect for all pols who put themselves on the political line for our civil rights, not only Democrats who “support” our civil rights (only when it suits them)? Or am I missing something? Oh, I guess I’m just naive because I believe that to win the battle and the war we need to encourage every ally working for equality, regardless of party affiliation.

I think Pam is expecting way too much from the Democratic Party hacks running HRC. Four days after Zwonitzer delivered his plea for gay equality, HRC remains silent about it.

I wish our advocates could do better on this front and see the big picture for the long-term political health of our movement. Fostering more pro-equality support in the GOP brings no negatives, only more choices (Dems will continue to take our votes and wallets for granted). There may be ample reasons to vote for a Democrat outside of equality matters, but there is no incentive for Dems to risk anything as long as sense zero competition for our votes.

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