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Look! A TRAIN! Rounding up the News!


Phoenix Woman here, cooped up in a place where we got in one weekend all the snow we missed this winter up to this point.  

Yeah, it makes it a little hard to maneuver, but we keep on chugging along, just like this train that my spouse snapped last month in southeastern Minnesota.   (Personally, I was far more traumatized by the sight of Byron York and Maureen Dowd  on my TV this morning, when I made the mistake of getting up early enough to catch part of Press The Meat.  MoDo, ever one to pimp her her own material, claimed that at the Oscars tonight, nobody was going to talk about anything but the tiff between the Hillary and Obama campaigns — a tiff that MoDo, of course, did her level best to create with her excrement-stirring column last week.)  

So buck up, suck up and let's get chugging!  

Here's a roundup of news tidbits that I found interesting, yet won't be found on the evening TV news (at least not in America):

What if a former KGB official, well-versed in control techniques such as propaganda and murder, took over the world's second-most-powerful nuclear power?   And what if during much of that time, the leaders of the one country that could stop him wouldn't lift a finger because they were themselves hideously corrupt, incompetent fascists intent on destroying democracy and freedom both here and abroad?  That's the situation we're in with regard to Vladimir Putin.

— Just a reminder not to confuse conservative Jewish neocon allies such as AIPAC with Jewish Americans as a whole:  Jewish Americans as a group are the strongest opponents of the Iraq war and always have been, AIPAC and Lieberman notwithstanding, and a new Gallup Poll reconfirms that.

 — The doping case against Floyd Landis is falling apart as we speak.  Seems that the French lab wasn't too choosy about who it allowed to handle his urine samples, which is a big no-no.  This could have big implications for the sports-drug-testing field — and not just for cyclists, either.  Landis probably won't get his reputation back, but he might be able to get enough of a career back to put some food on the table.

— Obligatory self-promotion (and promotion of others) note:  Charles passes on The Ballad of Sarasota (where it sucks to be a voter), and Alicia Morgan has her artistic take on our new favorite Congressional whackaloon, Michele Bachmann.

— Hey, kids!  Looks like BushCo's been giving money to Osama!  (But it's OK because he's a Sunni.)

— Oh, and Bush has the contingency plans all ready to launch an attack on Iran within twenty-four hours of his giving the OK.  And the word is that if Bush does attack Iran, half the Pentagon's generals will resign in disgust.   BOOORR-ING!  Where's Anna Nicole Smith's corpse?  We wanna talk about that instead!

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