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I Do Hear Crickets, But Not From GLAAD

“Jimmy Kimmel” AND transgender OR transsexual.

“Jimmy Kimmel” AND “Rebecca Romijn”.


Jimmy Kimmel Clip On Transgender / Transsexual WomenI did the Google News searches above today (on February 25, 2007), and see that the LGBT press hasn’t picked up the GLAAD press release regarding the Jimmy Kimmel interview of Rebecca Romijn.  That is, besides (which broke the story), and Queerty … a blog that pops up on Google News searches.

Maybe I’m hypersensitive, or perhaps a little too PC, but in response to the story I read two comments on Queerty that tell me to a certain extent why the story hasn’t even hit the LGBT press:

Oh, get over it, I watched the video and it wasn’t all that bad. This is yet another instance of hyper-PC-oversensitivity.

There are, of course, very feminine transsexual women, fantastically beautiful in fact, but you have to admit, he’s largely right… Most of the time it doesn’t turn out all that well… So he makes a joke of it, big sh-t…

His childish comments were slightly idiotic, but not enough to merit a whole accusatory article.


I am gay and I HATE transexuals. They are embarrassing clowns.

The reality is that the Isaiah Washington “faggot” and Tim Hardaway “I hate gays” stories show that it’s no longer socially acceptable to express prejudice towards gays and lesbians; the Jimmy Kimmel “transgender ax” story may turn out to be a lesson of how it’s still socially acceptable to express prejudice towards transgender people.

Heck, the lack of LGBT press coverage of the Jimmy Kimmel story seems to indicate to me it’s still somewhat acceptable for gays and lesbians to express prejudice towards transgender people. American polite society isn’t going to find anti-transgender prejudice unacceptable if LGB people and the LGBT press find anti-transgender prejudice unobjectionable.

Here’s hoping Monday morning we all don’t continue to hear crickets from the LGBT and mainstream press.

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Autumn Sandeen

Autumn Sandeen