Maybe not.  But this quickly ranks in my top 5.  It might be old news for you folks. 

Homophobia at `Hell House’: Literally demonizing lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth

One scene described on the Hell House Web site depicts a demon — Hell
House’s tour guide — and an “angel of the Lord” arguing over a young lesbian’s
sexuality. The demon tells the character Jamie that God “made” her a lesbian,
and because of conflict over her sexual orientation, Jamie commits suicide.

Another room is a mock emergency room, where one of the men from the
wedding scene is on his deathbed. He cries out that he does not want to die and
go to hell. “This is Steve,” the demon says. “He thought his homosexual lifestyle
was everything a real man could want, but now he’s dying of AIDS.”20 Toward
the end of the Hell House tour, participants are led through “hell,” where Steve is
writhing in pain among other “sinners.” The demon laughs maniacally at Steve,
shouting “AIDS! You fool! Ha ha!”

Another Hell House scene depicts a teenage girl attending her first rave. She
unknowingly takes a “date rape drug” and a young man rapes her.28 Some Hell
Houses alternate the rave date rape with a scene where a young girl is raped by
her father. In both cases, after being victimized, the girl commits suicide and
goes to hell. 2

To be fair:

These beliefs perpetuate the notion that youth cannot be
simultaneously Christian and LGBT, an idea that is not only
damaging but false. Like Pastor Carol West, many religious leaders and
organizations have condemned the message of Hell House. For example, the Rev.
Russell Baker, an associate pastor of a Colorado United Methodist Church, has
dismissed Hell Houses as “simplistic theology”

The insidious, quiet, whispery homophobia bothers me a lot.  This blatant ‘engineer your kids to hate the queers’ makes me want to vomit. 

dan l

dan l


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