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Wyoming deep-sixes ban on recognition of out-of-state SSMs

Some good news in Darth Cheney country — a discriminatory bill that would have allowed Wyoming to ban recognition of legal same-sex unions died in committee — by one vote. (365gay):

House Speaker Roy Cohee (R) cast the deciding vote, breaking a tie in the House Rules Committee.

The measure passed the Senate last month. If passed it would have meant  that Wyoming gays could not travel to Canada or any of the European countries where same-sex couples can marry.

…The Wyoming measure would also have meant that couples from areas were they were allowed to marry could not come to the state, which calls itself ‘The Equality State’ and have their marriages recognized either by the state or by private businesses.

The state already has a DOMA on the books, so this legislation would have simply nailed the coffin shut on marriage equality.

Michael Petrelis has more, and noted that it was significant that three straight GOP legislators helped voted this bill down — it’s a message to spineless Dems.

What a magnificent development this is for us gays and our allies who endorse full marriage equality, that in Cheney’s home state, we have not one, not two, but at least three straight GOP legislators to thank for delivering us some very good news!

Many thanks to both Rep. Childers in standing up for his lesbian daughter, and to Rep. Zwonitzer, who is willing to risk his seat for gay equality. If that ain’t bravery, I don’t know what is.

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Pam Spaulding