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Waiting For the Man

I'm at the courthouse right now and so are a lot of others, but nobody really knows anything other than that a verdict is coming at some point and it's as likely to come today as any day.  Libby was here for lunch with his wife, Ted Wells and Barbara Comstock (Libby and Wells had cheeseburgers — Libby reportedly paid).  I saw Jeffress earlier in the lunchroom too, eating separately.  Wonder if the Jeffress/Wells spat continues?

There are photographers camped out at the parking lot entrance, big media circus equipment everywhere.  I can't imagine it will resound with the profound implications of Ana Nicole Smith, but a verdict one way or the other will probably make some kind of blip on the news radar. 

For real dose of stupid, read the Joe Lieberman Weekly's take on the Libby case.  Why do people insist on writing about the story when they haven't even bothered to familiarize themselves with the basics?  (Hint:  a bit disingenous to wrap yourself in the First Amendment to protect your sources when you've, you know, already outed them to the very investigators you're now trying to obstruct.  It's a rather remedial bit of information and it's publicly available.)

And in the mean time, entertain yourself with a live performance by our good friend Lou Reed of "Waiting For the Man" from Paris in 1974. 

My fingernails are getting shorter and shorter.

Anna Nicole who?

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